Top 5 Prayer Requests

This week we have had some up and down moments.  Collectively these moments reminded us that Church Planting is really tough and God is really faithful.  We thank you so much for your prayer support.  Here are some ways to pray:

1. Everyday Church would incorporate quickly and be done the right way.  We are early in this process, but we have hope that early in November we will be incorporated. This will allow us to set up bank accounts and start receiving tax deductible financial support.

2. Divine appointments and generous giving.  We are truly excited to be able to present the opportunity for people to advance God’s kingdom with us in OKC by financially supporting this endeavor.  It is truly a spiritual matter to invest in Kingdom work.  Pray we will have God’s favor with churches and individuals.

3. Launch team and staff.  Our desire is to start this church as a team.  This is not meant to be just for Kim and me.  We need people to hear God’s call and come help by moving to OKC with us.  We also want to hire a couple of people that would be the perfect fit for the vision and DNA of Everyday Church.

4. Encouragement and strength.  There have been some hard times but we do know God is faithful and worthy.  Pray specifically for Kim and myself to be keenly aware of God’s presence.

5. Wisdom.  We have many more decisions to make and desperately want them all to be spirit-led.

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