Senior Pastor // John Hickman

John & Kim Hickman

John and Kim grew up in different parts of the country, John in Oklahoma City and Kim in south Alabama. God, in His sovereignty, brought them together while John was ministering in Richland, Mississippi. They were married in 2006 and are now blessed with two wonderful children. Isaac is 9 and Isabel is 7. John is a sports fanatic cheering on the Sooners and Thunder while Kim loves coffee, sweet tea, and Roll Tide Roll.

John had been leading students to the Lord through various types of Student Ministry for 15 years. Some of that time was on different church staffs and 5 years through traveling evangelism. John graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in Telecommunications and then went on to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to earn his Masters of Divinity. Kim graduated from University of Mobile with a degree in Business Administration. In June of 2012, John and Kim clearly heard from God that He wanted them to plant a church in Oklahoma City. God, in His faithfulness, brought John to Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS, as the Church Planting Resident. After training through this incredible church and the Launch Network, John and Kim officially launched Everyday Church on 1-12-14

eKids Director // Jennifer Paulley-Micue

Student Pastor // Tony Micue

Tony & Jennifer Micue

Tony and Jennifer met in January 2006 on a blind date to an NBA basketball game. A few months later, Tony proposed to Jennifer on Easter Sunday with a ring in her Easter basket. In August 5, 2006, they were married and thus began the journey of “life, love, and other mysteries.” They have three “all boy” boys: Zy (10), Roland (5), and Truett (1).

Tony loves to run, movies and college sports. He loves to attend OU football games with his family. Tony felt called to ministry in high school, but did not feel God’s anointing until 2015. Before serving at Everyday Church, Tony served for two years as Student Pastor at Mayridge Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

Jennifer loves music, to run and outdoor activities. She loves to watch college basketball and the March Madness tournament each year. In 2015, Jennifer began reading a Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren after cleaning her home in preparation to sell. She felt called to do more and not just be a spectator and “seat warmer.” Within a few weeks, Jennifer began serving in Student Ministry after the student minister unexpectedly stepped down. Tony joined her shortly and began leading the ministry. In late 2017, Jennifer met John Hickman by walking Zy to school each day. Jennifer felt something was different about the crossing guard and began to do research. After discovering that John was a Pastor, Jennifer and Tony began listening to his podcasts. After attending one Gathering, both felt strongly that this was where God wanted them to be. Both began serving in eKids for three months before Jennifer accepted the position of eKids Director and Tony accepted the Student Pastor position. Both are excited for these incredible God-breathed opportunities.