Support Descriptions

[one_third first]


We need a team of people committed to praying everyday for our ministry, family, and community. Pray for:

– people to trade their life for new life in Christ
– God to continue to send us leaders
– influence in the city
– God’s presence and favor in our ministry
– physical health and provision for the team




Maybe as you’ve been reading this, the Holy Spirit has impressed on you that joining our team and planting this new church in OKC is the next step in your faith journey. If that is the case do not hesitate to let us know. We would love to journey together with you. If you know of someone who lives in or around OKC, please be our advocate and encourage your friend or loved one to come and worship with us at Everyday Church.[/one_third]



The greatest need of any new church is raising the necessary finances to get it started. Much like a missionary we need to raise the funds needed to launch and sustain Everyday Church. Consider giving financially as God leads or making us a part of your yearly missions budget or pledge. We welcome any and all amounts in the form of a ONE-TIME DONATION or MONTHLY SUPPORT of up to 36 months.[/one_third]

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