Things are going well! Last week we decided that the best place for us to start will be the south side of the City. We are extremely excited about the reality of being there. God used a stat I found in my demographic research of the area to confirm this for us. 50,000 out of 300,000 adults in the area consider faith to be really important. That is only 17% of the adult population! This was heartbreaking to me. A positive result was that 47% consider themselves to be spiritual. The fields are ripe for harvest! If someone considers  himself/herself to be a spiritual person but yet does not consider faith to be important we can introduce them to the truth of the Gospel! I really believe God has designed up perfectly to reach these people!

Please pray for…

Favor with the City. We want to bless the community and have free reign to do that.

A perfect location and facility.

The right team to go and start with us.

Protection on my family against the Devil’s schemes.

Generous financial support.

Jesus, that we would be about Him and not the blessings.


May our vision not be just for the church but more for the people!


Love you all!

John Hickman

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