Big week (and a half)

This week the whole family is packing up and headed to OKC! We will be gone for a week to scout out locations for our services and to buy a home (prayerfully)! We will also be attending a mandatory church planter conference put on by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. This conference will help us relationally and give us a financial partner with the BGCO. So we have a lot of prayer needs and ask that you intercede on our behalf.

Pray for…

  1. Traveling safety – pray the kids do well too!
  2. A home – we desire to be led in a way that our home purchasing glorifies God and is a part of our story. We look at houses on Thursday.
  3. A place to have our worship gatherings – really want God to speak specifically to this to reach the people He wants us to reach. We have appointments with some schools on Monday the 8th.
  4. Divine appointments – would love to already begin forming relationships with people.
  5. Launch Team – we will meet with some families that might help us Launch. We want the right people to join us and help Everyday Church start.

Thank you so much!





Welcome Jeff and Tabitha Osborn

Hey Everyday Church!

We are so excited to announce that we are joining the Everyday Church team. We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us as a family and as a church community. We have known John and Kim for several years and feel so blessed to get to join them in the mission to reach OKC for Jesus.

Tabitha and I have been married for just over 4 years and have been blessed with a son, Gavin, who is 16 months old. We met at in Tulsa, Oklahoma and were engaged shortly after. Currently, we are living in Chicago where I serve at Springbrook Community Church as the Worship Director. Although the transition will be tough, our family is confident that God has called us to make the move and He will take care of all the details!

Here are some ways you can pray for us over the next few months:

  1. We will be moving out of our current house in April and need a place to stay until we move to Oklahoma in June.
  2. As we join the fundraising effort, ask God to have favor on us when we contact possible contributors.
  3. Pray that God will work out all the details we have yet to think about.
  4. Pray for our current church, Springbrook, that God will provide the right person to take over the worship ministry and that the transition will go smoothly.

Thank you all!
Jeff and Tabitha Osborn


In my spirit I know God has called us to do this & I pray He will stir your heart to join us.” – Billy Graham.
This quote sums up our feelings right now. We just want people to join us – to join us by praying, going, and giving. When anyone gives to EC (no matter the amount) it makes us feel so good that someone is with us. We sense that we have been partnered with or joined.
So please be praying for a Launch Team and for our finances.
Pray that people in OKC and out of OKC would join the vision God has given us in reaching people. We desire spirit-filled believers to surrender a season of their lives to help us launch a brand new expression of the body of Christ in the form of Everyday Church. We need men and women who will be embrace being a missionary to OKC and help us get Everyday Church going and growing!
Please pray that His people would start funding this vision. Honestly, we are extremely short in financial commitments. We need God’s people to be obedient to His voice and begin investing in EC ASAP.
Also, please pray for Kim and I as we are house hunting. We want to be in a community that we could build relationships with and be Christ to our neighbors and in a location that would be close to where we will hold our gatherings. We would love a home that could be used to bless others.
We really need your prayers. Planting is a great roller coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs. God has been and will be faithful through every twist and turn. Pray for our faithfulness and the faithfulness of His people.
We love you all,
John & Kim

Prayer Requests 2/18 – 2/24

Kim and I are traveling to Oklahoma this week for vision casting and support raising. Here are some ways to pray:
– Anointing on us as we share in OKC on the night of the 19th and Tulsa the 21st. That we would would be clear in our presentation.
– For people to support us by helping us launch, be prayer partners, and financially investing in God’s vision for Everyday Church.
– Pray for all people that we share with to be obedient to what God is asking them to do/give.
– Our kids who are with Kim’s parents and will be away from us for a week.
– A location to hold our gatherings
– Schools for the kids
– A home in OKC
Thank you so much! Your prayers really do make a difference!!!



Prayer Requests

First of all God has answered our prayers in relationship to the website! We are extremely happy with how it has turned out! Thank you for praying!
Please be praying for:
1. Feb 19th – we will be casting vision and asking for support in OKC. Please pray for divine appointments, generous spirits, and God to be glorified!
2. Feb 21st – we will be casting vision and asking for support in Tulsa. Please pray for divine appointments (this will be our first time to do this in Tulsa), generous spirits, and God to be glorified!
3. Bank situation – Arvest Bank is not allowing us to do automatic draft which could be beneficial to fundraising. Pray Arvest would change its mind or God to open the door to the right bank in OKC.
4. Staff – this past week we have interviewed a potential staff member. Pray for great wisdom and discernment for us and the family.
5. Fundraising – we really need commitments now. Money is being spent and ministry is occurring. We are currently a church and need financial partners!
Thank you all! Your prayers are truly making a difference!

Update and Prayer Opportunities

I hope everybody has had a great Christmas and an awesome start to 2013. The Holidays have been wonderful for us! Our time with family was incredibly sweet and refreshing. We are excited that we are in 2013 because this is the year Everyday Church will formally begin!

Last month we finished out training with Launch and feel so fortunate to have had that time with some amazing teachers and leaders. Our time with Launch has been extremely beneficial. We would not be where we are today without the learning we received form this ministry! We praise God for Launch and for the Church Planting Residency here at Pinelake. We still have plenty to do but have grown so much.

Here are some specific ways to be praying for us.

1. By-Law writing. We really desire God to be honored in this process and that establishing the polity of the Church would be Spirit-led.

2. Budget tweaking. We want to be best prepared in handling the finances of the Church. Also pray for partners. We are in great need of financial investors.

3. Body finding (just trying to stay with the theme). We need a staff that loves Jesus and is called to minister with us at Everyday Church. Be praying we get the right people!!! Also pray for us to have people volunteer to help us start the church. We need people to be a Launch Team and help us get off the ground.

Thanks for your prayers!

ps- pray for our website, we have had some delays but are hoping to unveil by the middle of the month! (I couldn’t think of a way to make that start with B or it would have been #4)

Please Pray

In 30 minutes (6:00pm) we will begin our first vision/fundraiser dinner in OKC.

Please pray for people to attend.

Pray for tender hearts, a willingness to help, and generous spirits.

Pray for God to speak His vision for the people of OKC and how that impacts the globe.

Pray for God to be glorified.

Kim and I are so grateful for your prayers!

Top Prayer Requests

1. December 6th we are having a vision/fundraising dinner in Oklahoma City. Please pray for people to attend. We desire out of this group to find people who will serve in our Launch Team. We also hope for many to commit to financially invest in Everyday Church. Pray for Kim and I as we travel and for divine appointments while we are in the City.

2. Finances. Overall be praying God would put EC on the hearts of people who would be willing to be generous investors/partners in what God is going to do through EC in OKC and the World!

3. A Worship Leader. Please pray for the right person to come on board with us and be a part of the team that starts Everyday Church. We are looking for a gifted and anointed leader who will have a strong work ethic and have great chemistry with the team.

Thank you for praying for my speaking engagement at Pinelake. It went really well. You can watch or download the sermon here…

Your prayers are so crucial! Thank you for taking the time to lift us up to the Father!

Quick prayer requests

1. I’m speaking this Wednesday at Pinelake. Please pray for favor and anointing of the Spirit.

2. I’m not feeling well. Pray I would get better quickly and have the capacity to be prepared and ready for Wednesday night.

3. We are inviting people to a fundraising dinner in OKC on the 6th of December. Pray for divine appointments, clear schedules, and generous spirits.

Answer to Prayer!

Wanted to let you know that your prayers have been heard! As of today (Oct. 31st), Everyday Church has been incorporated in the State of Oklahoma and has received it’s federal employment identification number! God is good. Also, Kim and I have been encouraged greatly the last couple of days.

Next we need a logo and brand for Everyday Church. Pray that God would send us the right designer at the right price. Kim and I thank you so much for praying for us.